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Which Flowers will Complement your Father’s Day Gift?

Father’s Day is an event meant to show appreciation to dads who play an important role in our lives and offer strength, support, and love to us unconditionally. Deciding on what to gift on Father’s Day can sometimes be tough. However, being thoughtful and giving a bouquet of fresh, natural flowers can make it more special. Let’s delve into some of the special Father’s Day gift basket ideas to make the day special and memorable.

Choose the Right Flowers for Father’s Day

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Father’s Day is flowers, so you should choose the best flowers for father. If planning to send flowers as a Father's Day gift, then think beyond traditional. It is also important to note that flowers are not only a symbol of female characteristics but also of strength and tenderness that are inherent in many flowers for your father.


It is a type of flower that will never go out of style and is suitable for any kind of event. They are available in many colors, shades, and sizes that can mean different things. If you consider your father as your best friend, then yellow roses will suit perfectly since they are the flower of friendship and joy. When you want something more expressive, you may choose orange roses that symbolize enthusiasm and passion. Gifting roses in a Father’s Day bouquet can make dad’s day special and cheer him up.


Orchids are the fine flowers which are considered exotic in nature. It represents love, strength and is often associated with beauty. A bouquet of fresh, natural orchids can be the perfect gift to add in your Father’s Day gift basket. Giving this bouquet can convey your appreciation for your dad for standing behind you like a pillar and supporting you in your endeavors.


Attractive and stylish in appearance, lilies are large flowers that can deliver big impressions when gifted. White lilies symbolize purity and loyalty; yellow lilies symbolize gratefulness and enjoyment. Picking lilies for the Father’s Day bouquet will add a touch of glamour and gratitude as well as thoughtfulness to your present. Convery your love and affection availing service of flower delivery in Pune if your father is residing in Pune and you in another city.

Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Father’s Day is a special occasion, and it should be fun organizing a special gift basket for the very special man in our lives. A dad’s day gift basket will add a special touch. Here are some ideas that pair beautifully with a floral arrangement.

  • Gourmet Delights

Choose premium gift items that include the choicest dark chocolates, premium nuts, cheese, and a wine or whiskey bottle to show how much your father means to you. These tasty and luxurious items, when teamed with the fresh bloom and seamless will certainly raise the spirit of your dad.

  • Self-Care Essentials

Gift your dad something that he can use daily. You can gift items such as travel shaving kit, an aromatic candle, bath salts, and premium masculine scent. These things will well with a range of flowers such as lavender or chamomile. Combining the daily self-care essentials with these flowers will help to reduce stress and prove to your dad how much you love him and want the best for him.

  • Hobby Kits

A perfect gift basket for Fathers’ Day would be the one that can help your dad follow his hobbies. If your dad loves gardening, include gardening tools, seeds of his choice, and a potted plant could be used. If cooking is his hobby, go for the basket with spices, sauces, and some recipe books that he can try at home. Combine the gift items with a Father’s Day bouquet of sunflowers to symbolize happiness and a long life.

Flower Delivery in Pune

Flower delivery in Pune has become easier, thanks to online florists. If you want to send flowers in Pune, services like Blooms Only can be the best choice for an online service where you find all types of seasonal flowers and gifts and get them delivered directly to the recipient’s address. Whether you want to send a standalone bouquet, or a combination of gift items wrapped with care and love as a Father’s Day gift basket, you can rest assured that the gift being delivered in perfect condition will create an impression on your dad.

Choosing the right type of flowers to include in Father's Day bouquet can be a heartfelt gesture. Fresh flowers such as roses, lilies, and orchids can make any Father’s Day gift basket unique. With the convenience of ordering flowers and combining them with other gift items as well as flower delivery in Pune, you can celebrate the special day from anywhere in the country. This Father’s day, make a special flower arrangement and other gifts for your dad and express how special he is to you