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While flowers look their best in their natural settings, their appeal quotient must be maintained as well when plucked. And there is no better way to offer them an ideal setting than vases. In fact, no one can hold flowers more gracefully than an urn, a jar or pot. Then no matter whether the holding item is made of glass, pottery or any other materials. However, before putting the cut flowers in the vessel, you must pair it as per their shapes and firmness of their stems. For a wrong floral arrangement could spoil the looks of blooms. Our floral experts will guide you on pairings of 6 gorgeous flowers with vase as well as to Send flowers to Pune.

Glass Bottles

We all have one or another type of glass bottles in different shapes at home. Due to clarity and their translucent property, they can be used as a vase. Depending on their size, you can place one single or bunch of flowers in them. A long bottle can spare you the need of cutting stem. If it is short with a wide mouth-opening, make a bouquet by cutting stems at equal length and put inside it. The blooms and leaves leaning out of the bottle can brighten up your living room. Pink, red and yellow roses with green leaves can go well with glass bottles. For all types of flowers delivery in Pune, contact Blooms Only.

Flowers with Glass Bottles

Round-Shaped Vase

A rounded vase can be an ideal pair with gorgeous roses. Combining it with roses will elevate the surrounding. Just fill the ¾ of vase with water and put a bunch of flowers in it having equal length stem. Due to its wide opening and base, the vase will hold the stem firmly. Try to sync with its shape by forming a round shape of flowers on the opening. This will create a symmetry look and enhance visual appeal. Flowers that form a perfect pair with round-shaped vases are Carnations, Daisies and Chrysanthemums.

Flowers with Round Vase

Green Glass Vase

If you believe one or two flowers are enough to change your mood and the arrangement has to be modern, then pairing pink flowers with this bottle vase will be an ideal combination. The bright lime green color of the bottle will also hide the green stem and the pink bloom will form an ideal contrast. This way, you can uplift your mood without spending much. Pick pink carnations, roses or chrysanthemums for the vase.

Flowers with Green Vase

Bubble Vase

If you want to create a charming centerpiece, then bubble vase is a good option. This vase is easily available at any flower shops. What makes it best for flower arrangement is its round, smooth and raised textures. With wide base and small opening, it provides a good support for stems to stay put. Its small and flattened opening suit perfect for spreading blooms. Flowers that form an ideal pair with bubble vase are poppies, gloriosa, sweet peas and lilies.

Flowers with Bubble Vase

Cube Vase

This type of vase is ideal for seasonal flowers. With thick walls, strong bases and delicate curves, these vases don a modern look and are prefect for combining it with different shapes and sizes of flowers. If you are going for white cube vases, you can also put in it river rock pebbles or gems. With wide base and opening, you can create an attractive bouquet. Another advantage of cube vases is their use as a candle holder. Moreover, these cubes are ideal for roses in different colours. If you are unable to find seasonable flowers for cube vase, contact Pune online florist.

Flowers with Cube Vase

Square Glass Vase

Using this vase for flower arrangement is tricky and requires skills. However, what's good about it is the availability of ample space to play around. These vases are perfect for delicate flowers with straight stems, and bulky heads such as daffodils and hyacinths. They can hold a bunch of flowers elegantly and their symmetrical shape can lift the beauty of any center or corner table.

Flowers with Square Vase

Vases are the best partners of flowers when they are removed from their natural settings. By combining them with vases of different shapes and sizes, you can have an attractive bouquet and enliven any room. Whether you need to pick a single or bunch of attractive, delicate and seasonal flowers, you can order flowers online Pune with Blooms Only.