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10 Countries and Their National Flowers

National flowers are the floral emblems chosen by countries as their representation. They are a national identity of a country, and are usually selected by the government or the public via a common poll. Some of them are officially adopted and some unofficially, but they still represent that particular country. These national flowers are picked considering the culture, religion, and tradition followed by each nation. We have hand-picked 10 countries and their national flowers for you.

India - Lotus

India has been an agriculture and gardening country since ancient times. This country reveres flowers like no other. Flowers are an important part in Indian culture. They play a major role in a person's life right from his or her birth to the death. They are an integral part of every religious and cultural event in India. The Lotus or Water Lily is the National Flower of India. Brahma, the creator of universe is believed to have emerged from lotus. He is seen seating on the lotus, and hence it is preferred for offering to gods. The lotus symbolizes purity, divinity, wisdom, wealth, and enlightenment.

Australia - Golden Wattle

The Golden Wattle is a spring flower that blooms in September. It grows in yellow colour with sweet, fluffy heads, and comes in a bunch of several tiny flowers with small petals. They are usually found in a cluster in round or elongated shape. The blossoming of golden wattle marks the end of winter in Australia. There are 950 species of this bright flowers in Australia.

France - Iris

French love growing flowers in their backyard very much. No wonder tourists are greeted with amazing scenery in France. One can find different varieties of flowers in the garden of French people. Looking at the love for flowers of its people, the French government has declared Iris as the national flower. Iris perhaps is the only flower that blooms in 200 different colours. They grow in light and deep colours in white, blue, and deep purple.

Japan - Chrysanthemum and Chery Blossom

There are more than one country that shares the same national flower, but Japan in one nation that owns two national flowers - chrysanthemum and cherry blossom. The cherry blossom is the national flower, and the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the royalty. The country is blessed with amazing landscape that covers its major area. Other popular flowers found in Japan are roses, orchids, lotus, and sakura.

Ireland - Shamrock

The Celts hold shamrock in high regard since they believe in threes. The Shamrock that is a three-leafed plant is hence their national symbol. It also holds a great religious significance for the people and is considered to bring good luck. The shamrock flower is also used as a badge for the national sports team. During St. Patrick's Day, his followers wear shamrock as a sign of respect for the priest.

Russia - Chamomile

Chamomile is a member of the Asteraceae family.  It resembles white daisy and bears fragrance similar to an apple, or pineapple. The name of the flower is a combination of a Greek word. The word kamai means 'on the ground' and melon means pineapple. It grows in cool environment where there is full sun and light along with sandy and moist soil. It is an edible flowers, and is also used for medicinal purpose.

Ukraine - Sunflower


Though sunflower hails from US, it has become the national flower of Ukraine. This bright flower is known to cheer up the beholder with its magnificent size and shape. It is used in floral decoration as well as for edible purpose. The most common use of this flower is the oil that is extracted from its bird seed. It symbolizes power, vigour, and fertility. The unique thing about sunflower is its tendency to follow the sun and turn its head toward it.  When night falls, it droops down towards the ground.

Turkey - Tulip


This eternally beautiful flower comes in a variety of colors.  It has derived its name from a Turkish word, which means turban. It is regarded as the king of bulbs and is given high regards in Turkey. Tulips are regular ingredients in bouquets and other types of flower arrangements. Turkey has embodied the shape of tulip into its arts, culture, and lifestyle.

Brazil - Cattleya labiata


This national flower of Brazil is also called Corsage Orchid owing to the similarity in shape. Cattleya Labiata is also called the queen of the orchids owing to the beauty and fragrance. It requires normal temperature to grow and can be planted in the house. They are the ornate flowers mostly used  as corsages.

Germany - Cornflower


Cornflower or knapweed is the national flower of Germany. It is cultivated in Great Britain, Australia, United States,Canada, and several Northern Hemisphere. It’s mostly used as an ornamental flower due to its striking beauty and bright blue colour. Over the years,cultivators are able to grow it in pink, red, and white colours as well.

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