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  • The Meaning and Significance of Marriage Garland in India

    One of the unmissable things in Indian weddings are wedding garlands, which stand as a symbol of enduring love and commitment. These exquisite wedding garlands curated from fresh flowers carry profound cultural significance in all Indian weddings. Also, known as flower garland weddings, this floral beauty is an integral part of the age-old cherished traditions. In Indian weddings, these wedding garlands are of cultural importance.

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  • Find the fastest midnight flower delivery in Pune at Blooms Only

    Want to be the first to wish someone on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasions? Surprise your loved ones with our midnight flower delivery in Pune. Let your friend or relative be in any corner of the city, we can deliver your warm wishes, love, and care for them through a bouquet of flowers along with cakes and other toys of your choice. With a bouquet of fresh flowers at their doorstep during midnight, your gift and message will be the first among all other well-wishers. This will show how much the recipient is special for you.

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  • Online Flowers to bring a smile on the face of one’s loved ones

    One of the precious things in life is ‘smile.’ However, due to stress on professional and personal fronts, this valuable thing seems to have gone out of people’s lives. It’s hard to see a smile on their faces these days. If someone you love and care for is one of them, then send flowers online and bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

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  • Red Roses Bouquets to Make Them Blush!

    With Valentine’s day just a couple of days away, don’t leave the buying a wonderful gift for your partner. And not Valentine’s day gift is complete without a beautiful red rose bouquet. But, if you have forgotten to buy a beautiful red rose bouquet and your busy work schedule might not allow you to visit your local florist, you need not to worry, we got the perfect solution for your red roses for Valentine’s day in Pune.

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  • How Roses Became The Symbol Of Valentine's Day

    Roses: The Symbol Of Valentine's Day

    Expressing feelings for someone by gifting a red rose on Valentine's Day is a tradition that we can never imagine of breaking it from. Red roses have been a powerful symbol of love and passion for ages. Right from the ancient Greek to Roman, Egyptian, and modern civilization, they hold a special place in our hearts for Valentine's Day.

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  • 7 Most Beautiful But Strange Flowers In The World

    Beauty comes in any shape, size, color, and formation be it in living things or non-living. Flowers are the best-fitting example in this regard. They remind us about the endless imagination and massive power of the Almighty. Whether big or small, light, dark, or bright, blossoms have mesmerised humans since time immemorial. Their beauty and unique creation make us wonder whether they really exist or are straight from some fairy tales. Here are such 7 most beautiful but strange flowers that will make you bow to the God.

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  • Five Things to Know about Buying Flowers on Valentine’s Day

    Regarded as the day of love, Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14 world over. According to a belief since many years, this day is celebrated in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome who was the messenger of spreading love. This day has become symbolic to celebrate any relationship and make its bond stronger. You can make your loved ones feel special on this day. Most of the couples get the chance to wish their partners or spouses on this day. This way they can keep the charm of their relationship forever.
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  • 5 Proposal Flowers That Will Help Your Love Bloom

    5 Proposal Flowers 

    True love doesn't need expensive gifts. A genuine feeling and expression is enough to make anyone go week at the knees. If you cannot propose to your crush with a diamond, the best option is a bouquet of flower. After all, girls do love flowers, and they cannot resist the beauty and charm of blossoms. In case you are preparing to ask her “will you be mine forever?” this Valentine's Day, then here are 5 proposal flowers that will help your love bloom.

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  • Top 5 Reasons To Send Flowers In February

    Send Flowers Online 

    February in India is when the intensity of winter starts reducing, and by the time March comes in, it eventually ends up. The farewell of winter also sets the stage for spring to roll in, which is an ideal season for plants and flowers to grow. But you don't have to wait until spring, since there are winter flowers that grow from November to March. That means, you still have 
    flowers to send in February. If you are thinking what's so special about February, then these top reasons will propel you to send flowers in February.

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  • Flower Arrangement Ideas for Home

    Floral displays add charm, brightness, and fragrance to the home. A home decorated with fresh and seasonal flowers helps the occupants stay positive. The best thing about home floral arrangement is that it can make a party table, bedside table, entrance door, balcony, and practically every room appealing. Infuse a new life into your home with these flower arrangement ideas.

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