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How Roses Became The Symbol Of Valentine's Day

Roses: The Symbol Of Valentine's Day

Expressing feelings for someone by gifting a red rose on Valentine's Day is a tradition that we can never imagine of breaking it from. Red roses have been a powerful symbol of love and passion for ages. Right from the ancient Greek to Roman, Egyptian, and modern civilization, they hold a special place in our hearts for Valentine's Day.

Red Roses In Greek Mythology

According to Greek mythology, red roses took birth by the hands of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, beauty, and passion. They were further pollinated by the blood and tears of Adonis, the lover of the goddess. The blooming of red roses has an interesting tale. When Adonis heard the death of Aphrodite, his heart sank into despair. Life for him became meaningless. He rode his horse to a cliff at a lightning speed with blood oozing out of his heart and tears out of eyes. Such was his true love for Aphrodite that when the blood and tears touched the ground, they merged and transformed into red roses.

Red Roses And Ancient Romans

The ancient Romans too have a deep association with red roses. They hailed them as Venus, the Goddess of love. According to a Roman lore, when Cupid, Venus's son, was transporting sweet nectar to the Gods on Mount Olympus, the nectar spilled and turned into red roses. They grew so beautiful that Zephyrus took their form in order to seduce Flora, the goddess of flowers. Besides the Gods, commoners too used red roses to convey something. They used to keep red roses outside the door to symbolize that some private meeting is going on inside.

Red Roses and Ancient Egyptian

Egyptian mythology associates red roses with Isis, the Goddess of magic and life. Inspired by the Greek legend, Cleopatra, the last ruler of Egypt, used petals of red roses during her public appearance. She was so infatuated by the beauty and fragrance of roses, that she started considering herself as the embodiment of the goddess.

With a history of love, beauty, and passion that dates back to centuries, it is no surprise that the ancient and contemporary eras are so attached to red roses, and why they became the symbol of Valentine's Day. If you have made up your mind to gift red roses to your lover this Valentine's Day, shop online with Blooms Only, Pune and get it delivered anywhere. The range of red roses and exotic flower arrangement for Valentine's Day they have are unparalleled in flower industry.