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Top 5 Most Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers

Night Blooming Flowers

Who would not love to sit under a full moonlight in a garden surrounded with fragrant flowers cuddling one's better-half under a blanket? Enjoying such a romantic moment is possible only if your garden has any of these 5 most beautiful night blooming flowers.

Evening Primrose

This beautiful yellow flower belongs to the Onagraceae family and originally hails from North America. But due to its popularity as a medicinal flower, it was brought to New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Now it is found the world over. It has derived its name because it blooms only at night. It is so sensitive that when exposed to light, it closes its petals. The plant of Evening Primrose grows up to 3 to 5 feet, and the flowers bear strong fragrance. These nocturnal flowers are pollinated by insects and moths. Everything of these pretty flowers from leaves, to seeds and root are used medicinal purpose.

Night Water Lilies

These tropical night blossoms are a fine example of beauty against all odds. For they bloom only in dirty ponds. They grow in a deep crimson red and purple color. Water lilies are larger than normal lilies and can grow up to 5 to 7 inches. Plus, each flower has around 20 petals. Looking at them floating on the water against a dark background is a rare and mystical sight. They have a pungent smell and close up at the break of dawn.

Moon Flower

The scientific name of a Moon Flower is ipomoea, and is so called because its grows in the moonlight. These spooky, yet beautiful flower serve as an ideal backdrop for a horror fiction. In fact, some filmmakers have used them shoot from creepy scenes for their movies. What adds to their mysterious looks is the heart-shape leaves that grow on a creeping plant. These white blossoms are pollinated by insects and moths.

Casablanca Lily

The wedding and perfume industry are blessed by these gorgeous flowers. They are used in wedding decorations and for making scent because of their beauty and soothing scent. Casablanca lilies belong to one of 110 species of Lilium. As such, they are found in white, yellow, orange, purple, and pink shades. They are one of the beautiful and expensive flowers in the world.

Four O'Clock

If a pinch of two tones in one single flower is what you want to see, then you must cultivate these pretty flowers in your garden. But they grow only in summer and spring. What makes them worth cultivating is the range of colors from red, yellow, white, pink, and blue they bloom in. Out of all these tones, blue ones are a rare sight. These fragrant flowers require ample sunlight and blooms at four o'clock, which is why they are so named.

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