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7 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers With Meaning

Valentine's Day Flowers

Being informed about the type of message or emotions blooms convey will help in gifting the right one as well as appreciating the gesture of the giver. While red roses are the most Popular Valentine's Day Flowers, here are other 7 popular Valentine's Day flowers with meaning.


If you want to show yourself as a “perfect lover,” and appear different from others, then send tulips to your Valentine. What make them ideal are their looks, and vivid colour. They also offer amazing colour choices in pink, red, purple, yellow, and white. Tulips represent perfect love and are easily recognisable. They bear a heart shape and a dark stain in the centre, signifying a lover's heart that is darkened by passion.


These hardy and ruffled blooms represent fascination. They come in a rainbow of colours and look absolutely stunning with their large heads. They were most preferred blooms for official ceremonies by the Romans. The name 'Carnation' is picked from the word “Coronation,” and “Corone,' which means “flower garlands.”

Due to their availability in a rainbow of colours, you can pick them to convey your feelings to your special as per her favourite colour. For example, when you want to express pure love and good luck to her, gift white carnation. If you admire her deeply, then light red carnation is for admiration. To represent deep love and affection for her, give dark red carnation. White carnation is for pure love, and pink for capriciousness.


Orchids are exotic flowers that bloom in a myriad of colours and last long in bouquets. Though they generally symbolize love and beauty, each colour has its own meaning. For example, red serves the message of passion, courage, and strength; blue rarity; pink grace, joy, and femininity; white innocence and purity; yellow friendship and joy; purple admiration, royalty, dignity, and respect; orange enthusiasm, pride, and boldness; green longevity, blessings, and good luck.

Gerbera Daisies

These large-headed gorgeous flowers are available in an assortment of colours, and represent myriads of emotions. But they are usually connected with beauty, purity, and cheerfulness. Daisies are Beautiful Valentine's Day Flowers if you want to convey your pure and innocent love to the significant other.


If you want to add fragrance to your love, lilies can be an ideal Valentine's Day gift. They are usually associated with beauty, class, and devotion. But each colour of lily represents different meaning. White conveys purity and virtue; pink represents ambition; yellow represents desire and gratefulness; red mean passion; and orange signifies pride, wealth, and confidence.


Iris flower is named after the ancient Greek Goddess Iris, who is believed to be a rainbow as per the Greek mythology. She was the messenger between the heaven and earth and used the rainbow as a medium of travelling. Iris represents faith, wisdom, and courage through its three petals. These pretty blooms also represent different meanings. For example, blue means hope and faith; white conveys ideal and purity; purple symbolizes wisdom and compliments; yellow represents passion.


Named after Dr. Alexander Garden, these beautiful flowers are also a popular Valentine's Day flower. They are mostly used in preparing wedding bouquets because of their beauty, white colour, and pleasing fragrance. They are gifted to convey the message “you're lovely.” Since they bloom only in white, they represent purity. They are difficult to grow and hence pricey because of which gardenia flower is sold as a single bloom.



Now that you know the meanings of these 7 most popular Valentine's Day flowers, book them in advance with an online florist, which can source them and let you celebrate this Valentine's Day to your heart.