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Flower Arrangement Ideas for Home

Floral displays add charm, brightness, and fragrance to the home. A home decorated with fresh and seasonal flowers helps the occupants stay positive. The best thing about home floral arrangement is that it can make a party table, bedside table, entrance door, balcony, and practically every room appealing. Infuse a new life into your home with these flower arrangement ideas.

Container Water Garden

If you have missed the positive effect from having an aquarium in home, make it good with a container water garden. Instead of live fish, you will have live aquatic plants. Having a water garden in the room will be a treat to the eyes and soothing to senses. Fix a space and accordingly choose a glass water container. Shop for water garden plants online and place them in the container. These plants will survive on water and without soil.

Calla Lily Arrangement

Calla lilies are associated with faith and purity. The white and green combination of flowers and stalks make them timeless beauty. But their beauty not just lies in the seamless white petals, or the stem that resembles a ballet dancer, but also in the long and slender stalks. So arrange calla lilies in a tall glass vase in which they can be seen completely.

Vase Flower Arrangements

A table centerpiece for a party or any occasion is an essential component of home decoration. Attractive flower arrangement for a home can be made with a simple glass vase and a bunch of gorgeous flowers. Just ensure that the blossoms for the vase are long-lasting. If you want to go creative, use a vintage vase, or a cane basket and fill it with carnations, roses, and tulips. For a contemporary flower arrangement, use flowers of the same colour.

Cardboard Boxes With Flowers

A stunning table centrepiece doesn't has to be expensive. You can create one with inexpensive items like a cardboard. Just see that the cardboard is of white color and not brown. Fill it with multiple bright flowers along with sufficient green foliage. Choose tulips, roses, carnations, and lilies for a centrepiece to create a splash of colour.

Hydrangea Flower Arrangement

Hydrangeas flowers bloom in pink, blue, white, and purple. They are used in bouquets for wedding and anniversaries. When paired with lavender, and Clemantis, they can create a stunning table centerpiece with a riot of colours.

Jewel Tone Flower Arrangement

Take inspiration from several jewel tones such as saffron, sapphire, ruby, and garnet to add a richness and sophistication to your flower arrangement. For this, use a combination of Autumn Joy, Fuchsia Celosia, and blue Indigo Spires. This flower arrangement is a great display for dining table.

Bedside Table Flower Arrangement


Falling asleep fast and waking up fresh is a dream for everyone. If you want to achieve it, create a bedside table display with bright and colourful flowers that coordinate with the bedroom wall colour. Since your morning has to be cheerful, use large head flowers in bright colour with a vase and place it on the bedside table.

Teacup Flower Arrangement


Though a teacup flower arrangement is usually for a bridal shower, you can create one if you don't have resources other than flowers. With a cup and a saucer along with a few flowers and green leaves, you can create an adorable table centerpiece. Use any flowers and create a pattern.

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