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Flowers To Gift For Wedding Anniversary By Year

When two people commit to share their life with each other till the end by solemnizing their marriage, giving respect, happiness, and due credit to each other is necessary. That's how one can attain marital bliss. After all, celebrating every milestone in life is necessary to pause for a moment and analyse where we have reached. One such landmarks in our lives is a 'wedding anniversary.' Whether it's your first wedding anniversary or 50th, you will never run out of ideas for flowers to gift for wedding anniversary by year with these tips.

1st Anniversary

Every 'first' is special in our lives. As such, we shouldn't spare anything to celebrate it. So for your first anniversary, carnations are the perfect 1st wedding anniversary flowers. Gift a beautiful bouquet of carnations in red or pink to your life to express love and commitment.

2nd Anniversary

Celebrate your 2nd wedding with the same zeal and enthusiasm as you did for the first with a bouquet of lily of the valley. The delicacy and divinely beauty of these blossoms will justify pure marriage relationship.

3rd Anniversary

Reinforce love, warmth, and loyalty in your married life by gifting a bouquet of gorgeous sunflowers at your 3rd anniversary. These flowers represent deep loyalty.

4th Anniversary

Feel and celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary by pride with hydrangeas. A bouquet of these gorgeous blooms are for appreciating your life partner for being together in good and bad times.

5th Anniversary

Incorporate innocence and purity of marriage relationship in your 5th wedding anniversary by gifting a bouquet of daisy flowers. Daisies represent a strong bond and romance.

6th Anniversary

Celebrating six years of togetherness in life is a special feeling. This much time is enough to develop wisdom and love in a married life. So order a bouquet of calla lilies from on online florist and strengthen your relationship.

7th Anniversary

In a marriage relationship, trust and fidelity are vital. Flaunt them with a bouquet of fresh freesia blossoms. The bouquet will serve as a humble reminder of your faithfulness and loyalty.

8th Anniversary

Infuse youth and emotion in your married life with a bouquet of purple and white lilacs. The purple lilac is for showering emotional love whereas the white is to symbolize youth and innocence.

9th Anniversary

Get in a romantic mood for your 9th anniversary with birds of paradise. These beautiful-looking blossoms with their orange and blue tone will set the mood for celebrating 9th anniversary just at one glance.

10th Anniversary

Shower all the love on your partner for 10th anniversary with a bouquet of daffodils. These attractive blossoms are the best messengers of chivalry. Their sweet fragrance will ignite love and add joy to the celebration.

11th Anniversary

Declare your unconditional love with beautiful tulips. The red tulips are perfect for celebrating 11 years of married life. Tulips will add grace, elegance, and ignite passion.

12th Anniversary

Wish lots of love and prosperity to your partner on 12th Anniversary with attractive peonies. Bring good luck for your married life by combining red and pink peonies.

13th Anniversary

A bouquet of red and white chrysanthemums for 13th wedding anniversary will represent devoted love and passionate love.

14th Anniversary

Show your unwavering support to your life partner with orchids. A bouquet of pink orchids represents love, strength, beauty, and wisdom.

15th Anniversary

Revisit love and romance in your life with the universal symbol of love and passion – red roses. Let your 15th wedding anniversary be as beautiful and as perfect as the red roses.

20th Anniversary

Asters are the perfect gift for celebrating two decades of togetherness. These beautiful flowers with their star shape are symbolic for good luck and wisdom.

25th Anniversary

Spending 25 years with your life partner is a remarkable feat. If you wish to continue more years, gift a bouquet of iris flowers. Iris flowers are best symbols of faith, hope, and romance.

30th Anniversary

Your strength may have taken a drop by this time, but don't let your spirit sag. Show your partner that you still love her or him with a magnificent lily bouquet. Don't shy away from displaying your passion by adding red lilies.

50th Anniversary

Reaching the majestic golden-jubilee status in a married life is indeed a commendable feat. So, celebrating half a century of togetherness with two flowers is importance for which, you will need a bouquet comprising of yellow roses and violets. The subtle fragrance of yellow roses will take you down the memory lane, and the violets will represent humility and commitment.

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