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5 Proposal Flowers That Will Help Your Love Bloom

5 Proposal Flowers 

True love doesn't need expensive gifts. A genuine feeling and expression is enough to make anyone go week at the knees. If you cannot propose to your crush with a diamond, the best option is a bouquet of flower. After all, girls do love flowers, and they cannot resist the beauty and charm of blossoms. In case you are preparing to ask her “will you be mine forever?” this Valentine's Day, then here are 5 proposal flowers that will help your love bloom.


Romance and roses has been so deeply associated with each other since time immemorial that offering red roses have become a sort of tradition. The popularity of these classic flowers can be ascertained by their volume of sales worldwide on Valentine's Day. If you cannot think of any other flower to propose, you can buy it blindly since roses never fail to impress. A bouquet of red roses will make your crush empathize with your feelings and reciprocate in a positive manner. Moreover, you can propose with roses of different color and meanings such as:

Red roses: These blossoms are a perfect epitome of love and romance.

Pink roses: When admiration, sweetness, and joy come to your mind when you think of her, then pink roses are perfect to propose.

Purple roses: If you feel she is special for you, and you can't wait to get into a meaningful relationship, then purple roses are best.


These are most-used flowers in wedding decoration because of their fullness, beauty, and varied hue. If you are dreaming about walking down the aisle and taking a vow with her, then propose her with a bouquet of fresh, red carnations. These gorgeous flowers are a perfect symbol for love, admiration, and fascination. You can also gift her on your first wedding anniversary since they are widely chosen flowers for first wedding anniversary.

Gerbera Daisies

The mere sight of gerbera fills anyone with happiness. And when you are proposing your love with a bouquet of these beautiful flowers, then she may find it tough to ignore your offer. These flowers have several meanings, but the most prominent one is 'happiness.' You can also have color presence if you decide on these flowers. The red gerbera will show how deeply you are immersed in love. The white one will resemble your pure and innocent love. When pink gerbera is given, it will mean you admire, adore, and keep her on high esteem.


Lilies can be one of the best gifts for Valentine's Day and to propose. They can show how enamored you are with her smile, and you are serious about a strong and long-lasting relationship. While there are several meanings associated with lilies, you can select them for passion and drive, and purity of love.


If proposing in an uncommon way is what you prefer, then tulips are perfect flowers. For they are not popular like other proposal flowers, but they are surely beautiful. Red tulips will show your deep love for her. Just avoid yellow and white tulips as they have different meanings.

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