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5 Best Popular Flowers for Wedding Decorations

Flowers For Wedding Decoration

A wedding venue decorated with fresh flowers creates a perfect bliss for the bridal party as well as the guests. An elaborate, and visually stunning wedding decoration using fresh flowers can make the special occasion memorable. The soothing fragrance and vibrant colours of flowers just raise the celebration spirit. If you are preparing for the special day of your life, you must know these 5 best popular flowers for wedding decorations.

Rose - Flower of love

A wedding is the prologue to beautiful relationship and love the couple would be sharing in their lives. So, for such a lovable event, incorporating roses for decoration would be the best choice. Since roses are perfect symbols of love, they have become one of the popular wedding flowers. They look pretty in any colour and size and can be combined with other flowers for wedding decoration. Besides decoration, roses are also appropriate for flower arrangements, bouquets, corsages, boutonniere, and centrepieces.

Daisy – Flowers of Purity

Wedding is a sacred and pure relationship between the couple. If you want to inculcate this essence of wedding in decoration, then nothing can match the beauty and purity of daisies. The freshness, delicacy, and white petals of daisies exude purity. These flowers also represent “young love.” They look even good when used with pastel roses. Plus, daisies also look perfect in hand-held bouquets for the bride.

Carnation – Flowers of Pure Love and Good Luck

When flowers for wedding decorations that would not reduce your bank, balance are what you are looking for, then go for carnations without any doubts. These flowers are inexpensive and look gorgeous as well. They are perfect to deck up wedding aisle and décor. Use them for making kissing balls, stunning bouquets, or stupendous wedding backdrop. Be it any color and shape, carnations also brighten up dining tables, and fits perfectly as centerpieces in any vase.

Hydrangea – Flowers of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

When you want bouquets and vases awash with textures, hydrangeas are those popular wedding flowers that can make simple arrangements look expensive. Their fluffy head and fullness can add multiple of textures to any centrepieces and create amazing visual impact. They can be paired with multi-coloured roses to create tabletops that pop colours.

Orchid – Flowers of Love, Luxury, Beauty and Strength

Orchids are delicate flowers that represent charm and beauty. They bloom in a variety of shades and fit perfectly with any wedding theme. They can be used in flower arrangements, adorning chairs, floating candle centrepieces, cupcake toppers, etc. If you want to order, or gift these popular flowers for wedding decorations in Pune, contact Blooms Only.