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Traditional Mother's Day Flowers and Meanings

Mother's Day reminds us about what moms have done and are still doing for us. It's the day we need to let mothers have a break from their mundane routing and pamper them so much that they must feel proud for birthing us. Though recognising and appreciating their efforts every single day of the year is still nothing compared to what they did for us, we should atleast be morally awake to not let go the opportunity to honor and respect them with best flowers for Mother's Day So proudly be a part of Mother's Day tradition and flaunt your love and respect for your mom. Before that know these traditional Mother's Day flowers and their meanings.


Carnations are the first flowers that have seen the birth of Mother's Day. They were the ones that were gifted to mothers when the Mother's Day was observed first in the start of 1900s. It's no exaggeration to say that the Mother's Day tradition has started with carnations. Due to their beauty, fragrance, long-lasting quality, fluffiness and frilled petals. carnations have in fact become the official traditional mother's day flowers ever since they were introduced for the celebration.

There are many meanings associated with carnations. But one that is easy to remember, and a pleasure to use it is 'heavenly flower'. So a bouquet of carnations for a Mother's Day is indeed a heavenly choice. Carnations symbolize love, distinction, and fascination. Their meanings also vary as per their colours. For example, pink carnations symbolize love and gratitude; light red carnations mean admiration; white carnations stand for purity and remembrance; dark red carnations mean love and affection. To make the day of your mother buy Mother's Day flowers online.


These are the most loved blooms all over the world. Women just go crazy with the very sight of roses. Though widely popular as the Valentine's Day flower, roses can also be the best gift for Mother's Day if right color is chosen. To show love and appreciation for mother, send her a bouquet of pink roses. For respecting the divine status of mother, gift her white roses that mean purity and dignity. To express joy and happiness for having mother in your life, present her yellow roses. Your mother will be elated with just a single rose or a posy of roses. In fact, pink roses are popular Mother's Day flowers Pune


The moment one sees tulips, she or he immediately feels the urge to pick them up and admire their beauty. Such is the appearance of tulips. They are not just popular in Netherlands, Persia, or Turkey, but in India as well. Available in a rainbow of enchanting colours,tulips go well for all sorts of flower arrangements. Pink tulips symbolize happiness and celebrate motherhood. To cheer up your mom, yellow tulips are the best fit. You can even choose purple tulips as they stand for admiration.


The word 'Mum' in its name has made chrysanthemums popular in Australia for Mother's Day celebration. The basic meaning of these flowers is friendship and support. You can express your sentiments for your mothers through chrysanthemums either in a simple bouquet of, or a lavish arrangement. Just pick the right colours though. Pink chrysanthemums stand for honest love; red chrysanthemums represent motherly love and gratitude; white chrysanthemums symbolize honesty and loyalty.


Lilies are timeless beauty and highly regarded since the ancient times. They have been embraced by many cultures all around the world for several years. Gifting lilies to moms on Mother's Day is like honoring motherhood. Among many varieties found in lilies, oriental lilies are usually preferred for Mother's Day since they last longer and are found in a variety of colours. Pink lily represents prosperity; yellow lily is for gratitude; white lily for purity; orange lily for pride and confidence.

Gerbera Daisies

The bright colours, robust head resembling sunflowers and pointed petals of Gerbera daisies radiate happiness. Their wide-spread petals like an open-stretched palm metaphorically express spreading of happiness. They are best when it comes to representing purity, innocence and beauty. Their welcoming appearance, and bright colours are perfect to cheer up any person. Orange Gerberas for your mother will mean she is the sunshine of your life; purple Gerberas will stand for elegance and pride; yellow Gerberas symbolize happiness; pink Gerberas symbolize grace and gentility; white Gerberas signify purity and innocence.



If the presence of your mother makes your calm and offers a soothing effect, then respect that traits of her with bluebell flowers. The blooming of these flowers in April and May makes them perfect for Mother's Day celebration. They are soft, pretty and in beautiful shape. Bluebells represent humility and constancy.



If your mother loves following tradition, then azalea flowers are the best gift for her. Azaleas symbolize motherhood in Chinese culture. They are also loved and used by other cultures of the world for honoring the Mother's Day tradition. These flowers are easily available with any local florists. A bouquet of azalea flowers symbolizes femininity and softness. These flowers also remind the recipients to take care of themselves.White azaleas stand for purity and civility; purple and pink azaleas mean for jovial; yellow azaleas are for friendship and family relationships.

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