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Useful and Easy Tips for Flower Care in Winters to Keep Them Healthy and Blooming

In winters, your beautiful flowers need extra care as the climate becomes dry and the blossoms may fade if you ignore their winter care. However, taking care of flowers in winters should not be difficult, and to make it simple, we have jotted down top flower care tips.

How to care for fresh flowers in winters

It would be wrong to assume that flowers don't require much care as they are safe inside your place. Blossoms do need a little extra care in the winters. Follow these simple winter flower care tips to keep them fresh and blooming.

Changing the water

In winters, it becomes more important that flowers get fresh water as it helps in extending their lives. It is recommended to change the pot water every two days to keep them blooming for a long time.

Watering Flowers


Don't change places frequently

Especially in winters, blossoms need the right amount of sunlight, water and a fixed spot. Yes, flowers do take time to adjust according to their surroundings.




Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of winter flowers is a pro tip to keep them healthy. From cutting faded leaves to changing the water, perform needful cleaning.

Flower Cleaning


Prune damaged parts

It may sound like a typical flower care tip, but it can play wonders in the winter season. Trim dry leaves and damaged parts to keep your flowers healthy.

Prune damaged parts


Ignore excessive sunlight

Direct sunlight is good for flowers, but excessive sun rays can indeed harm sensitive winter flowers and make them go dry quickly.



Pick winter-specific flowers

If you're planning to buy winter flowers, go for flowers like winter moth orchid, dragon tree, aster, and marigold. There are two major benefits of it — first, you will get fresh local seasonal flowers. And secondly, they will stay fresh for a longer time.



Trim them properly

Regular trimming becomes essential when you take out the flowers from the wrap and decorate them in a pot. If you notice some leaves are turning yellow, it’s better to remove them.

Regular trimming


Avoid temperature fluctuation

Extreme fluctuation in temperature is not suitable for flowers in winters and make sure you have arranged them well using a spacious pot.

Avoid temperature fluctuation


Protect them from bacteria

Fresh blossoms are susceptible to bacteria and to make sure they stay healthy for a longer time, keep them in sufficient water as flowers do drink a lot of water. By fresh water, flowers stay away from bacteria.

Protect them from bacteria


Best caring for houseplants  & flowers — cleaning the vase

Especially in winters, cleaning the vase with fresh water will help you in maintaining a good life of your blossoms. When you change the water, also make sure to clean the vase properly.

Cleaning flower vase


Stem Cutting

This is among the best flower care tips to keep them healthy and blooming. Before putting them into the pot, cut the stem by at least half an inch so that they can absorb water properly

Stem Cutting


Keep them away from ripening fruit or vegetables

Most people keep their freshly bought winter flowers on their dining table near the fruit basket or vegetables, but it's not right. Ripening fruits and vegetables release ethylene which is harmful to blossoms. 

ripening fruit or vegetables


Flower food is good in winter too

When you change the water, also add the flower food that usually comes with your flower arrangement. That special flower food keeps the blossoms healthy for a longer time. If you don't have it, get it from any nearest florist.

Flower food


Using sharp scissors

While cutting the stems, only use sharp scissors otherwise it will basically smash the stem and flowers can't absorb water properly. Cut the stems sharply at a 45 degrees angle before changing their water.

Using sharp scissors


Remove the dead flowers from the arrangement

It happens quite a few times that when we buy a large arrangement, we forget to remove dead or dying flowers. But especially in winters, you need to take care of this and remove any flowers that are wilting.

Remove the dead flowers


Remove leaves below the waterline

Leaves will rot faster if they are submerged into water and can damage the entire winter flower arrangement. Always ensure that all the leaves are above the water level as it will keep the flowers stay fresh for a long time.



Observe water carefully

In winters, the water may get cloudy quickly due to the flower food supplied with the arrangement. If you notice the water has got intensely cloudy, change it immediately.

Observe water carefully


Check for foam below the arrangement

Many winter flower arrangements come with a base of foam as it helps to keep them healthy for a longer time. If you notice the foam has dried, consider adding water to it.

base of foam

Avoid plastic arrangements

The last but important 'how to take care of winter flowers' tip is to take flowers out from the plastic arrangement as soon as possible. It is because flowers will fade away quickly in that tight plastic wrap.

Avoid plastic arrangements


Winter is the harshest time for sensitive flowers, and following these tips can help you keep them healthy. And, if you are planning to buy some new flowers, Blooms Only is the best place to visit. With a wide range of vibrant and exotic flowers, pick your favourite ones from the best florist.