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5 Creative Ideas for Using Flowers at Your Event

Flower Decoration For Events

You don't have to splurge for decorating your event. With creativity, cheap decorative items, and fresh-cut seasonal flowers, you can make your guests rave about the event for years. Blooms Only, an online florist in Pune offers 5 creative ideas for using flowers at your event.

Floral Archway

What could make the event more welcoming than a stunning floral archway. Creating a grand entrance with season wedding flowers is the trend. If they are made with flagrant fresh-cut flowers of different colours, then they not only add aesthetic value, but also make the venue aromatic. The best thing about floral archways is, endless creativity. For wedding flowers delivery in Pune, you can contact us.

Floral Fountain

We know the soothing effect of a fountain on our mind and body. So you can easily imagine what good things a floral fountain at your event can do. You can create or hire an artificial fountain if there is none at the event venue. Use each tier of the fountain and create a cascading floral arrangement. To lighten up the fountain, you can make use of floating candles. The pair of lighting candles and floral arrangements in the fountain's tier will give a natural glow to the event.

Stage Decoration

As maximum attention will be on the stage, it is the most photographed area of the event. So making it lively and vibrant is necessary. To decorate the stage, you will need white or pink or purple drapes to fix wedding flowers. For rich and classic combination, you can use golden-coloured satin drapes. For a natural backdrop, you can fix green foliage on the drapes and give it a cascading look. Just go on fixingwedding flowers on the drapes keeping equal distance.

Floral Chandelier

To create a stunning floral chandelier, you will need wedding flowers and green foliage, floral wire, floral tape, floral hoop, a large wire wreath, fishing line, and a pair of scissor and plier. Just pick fresh florals and green foliage from our website and use them to fix on the wreath.

Floral Table Runner

To give a natural flair to the dinning settings, floral table runner are the best creative way. Just place a long floral trail right from the top on the table to its leg. Just see that you have added enough flowers along with green foliage to make the floral table runner at least 6 inches in width.

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