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Different Colors of Gerberas Flower and Their Significance

Gerbera Flower Meaning

Gerbera is named after Traugott Gerber, a German botanist and medical doctor. It is usually grown in the tropical region of South Africa, America, and Asia. Owing to its beauty, colour, and shape, it has become the fifth most popular flower in the world.

Gerbera flowers are exceptionally beautiful and bloom in orange, red, yellow, pink, purple, and white. Blessed with beauty and rich colour, these perennial plants carry different meanings with pure happiness being the common. Whether they are given or received as a gift, these stunning blossoms make the giver and receiver happy. Here are the details on different colours of gerbera flowers and their significance.

Orange Gerberas

Bright orange gerberas grow in spring with oval-shaped petals sprouting from the center of the flower. Since orange colour is the representation of warmth, energy, and enthusiasm, these flowers are best when the purpose of gifting is to wish the recipient lots of happiness and sunshine in life. Gift a colourful Gerbera bouquet to your special one with Blooms Only.

Purple Gerberas

Purple is a feminine colour and represent grace and elegance. It also relates to feminine beauty. So make your lover or spouse blush by gifting a classy bouquet of purple gerbera flowers. The special lady in your life will send lots of love to you in return.

Yellow Gerberas

When you are looking to strengthening the tie of friendship, a bouquet of yellow gerbera flowers will emulate your feelings aptly. Just like the yellow colour is meant for cheerfulness, a posy of yellow gerberas will add happiness and make friendship bond stronger.

Pink Gerberas

When you are gifting light pink gerberas, you are expressing admiration and sympathy. If you want to express gratitude or say thank you to someone in Pune, send dark pink gerberas. Gifting a bouquet of pink gerberas also means that you have a high esteem for the person.

Red Gerberas

Red gerberas are for conveying strong feelings for the special person you are madly in love with. Red colour being the symbol of passion, love, and desire, a bouquet of red gerberas will denote you are completely infatuated with the recipient and are unconscious in love.

White Gerberas

When you admire someone's for his or her innocence, childlike attitude, and being pure at heart, then gifting a bouquet of white gerberas will convey the feelings.

So pick your colour that fits your feelings and contact Blooms Only to order a bouquet of gerbera flowers for same-day delivery in Pune.