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5 Types Of Most Popular And Classic Flower Arrangement Styles

Flower Arrangements Styles

Embellishing your space with the beautiful flower arrangement is an art and it is important that every florist must possess it. Most of the creative artists take this seriously as it shows their skill and help them to grow up in their business. Blooms Only is also in the business to send flower arrangements online and add a magical touch to the place.

Albeit they could be simple flowers or the beautiful one, we are very clear with the focal point and shape of the arrangement that can be given with these flowers to create a charismatic aura. In any occasion, flower arrangements have their own role to play. The intelligent selection of design and colours of flowers is a must. These are not just reserved for the occasion, one can also opt these arrangement for their home. For this, you can order the flowers online from Blooms Only. You can opt from the huge varieties that we are offering to our clients at reasonable prices.

1. Fan Shaped Flower Arrangement

Contemplated as one of the classic flower arrangement, most of the flower arrangers opt for it because of the appearance it provides. Both the flowers and leaves are arranged in a fan shaped structure. Either you can use one flower for the arrangement or choose different flowers for enhancing the overall look. If there will be any empty space, it could be filled with the fillers. Among most of the clients, this arrangement is in vogue.

2. Elliptical Flower Arrangement

Blooms Only is known for flower delivery online that can be used for elliptical flower arrangement. This arrangement generally takes the form of an ellipse and for this we make use of sunflowers, roses, dahlia, lotus, tuberoses, lilies and many others. We make sure that only bright flowers are used for this arrangement as they enhances the overall look and make the place tranquilize. The sweet aroma and bravura look make everyone falls for it.

3. Vertical Flower Arrangement

The most picked flower arrangements by the clients, it has flowers arrange in bouquets or flower baskets. The elegant and charming look is successful in grabbing the attention of many clients. The ambience of mix and combined flowers having different shapes and colours is perfect for different occasions. Unquestionably, this arrangement is cherished by both florists and clients at the same time.

4. Crescent Flower Arrangement

Named also as C type flower arrangement, it has freshly plucked flowers along with the green leaves and fillers to fill the empty spaces. All of them are combined together to make a beautiful basket arrangement. This creates peace in the eyes of the lookers while making the place astonishing in every term. The glossy flower wraps, leaves and flowers are tied together with silk or satin made ribbons to augment the look.

5. S - Shaped Flower Arrangement

As the name suggests, the whole flower arrangement is in the shape of ‘S’. The shape is created by using flower bouquets and baskets. Because of its big size, it brings the life to any occasion or celebration. Flower stands are used for providing the support and keeping them upright.