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5 Flowers That are Important in Events and Their Meaning

Flowers have been revered for their aromas, hues, shapes, charm, and also for being a source of food. While the nature has gifted humankind with different flowers, scientific research has added more varieties to them. Because of which, their significance and importance kept changing and growing with the passage of time. But what hasn't changed since the old times is their reverence and use in different events. Here, we are going to see 5 different flowers with their importance and meaning for events.


These are the diminutive flowers loved not only by humans, but also by Gods. There is no surprise that they have found a mention in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Right from worshiping the lord to decorating wedding venues, homes, and for bridal makeup, jasmines are one of the favorite flowers of all. They are also used in making garlands for weddings and funerals. Due to their sweet aroma, they are used in making perfumes and incense sticks. Besides spreading fragrance in the atmosphere, jasmines also offer health benefits to human-beings. Just drink a cup of jasmine tea or any dish that incorporates these tiny flowers in a recipe, and feel the freshness and energy brimming in you. Their sweet smell soothes nerves and helps in relaxation. No Hindu wedding is complete without use of jasmine since they represent love, elegance, grace, attachment, and sensuality.


The beauty of these flowers has not spared the god let alone humans. They are favourite flowers of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Saraswati and Laxmi. Just like other blooms, Lotus flowers have been used in many religious events and for decoration. Their beauty and delicacy have inspired humankind since ages. The way nature has made them and the fact that they grow in mud depicts a fine example of how one should remain unaffected by the surroundings and follow the path of righteousness. Whether it is western culture, eastern culture, or any other culture the world represents, lotus flowers have their own importance and meaning. Since they are found in pink and white colours, their meaning also differs. The white lotus symbolizes purity and devotion and the pink lotus ascension and enlightenment.


When the word 'love' is uttered, the one thing that comes to mind is a rose. Since perennial, these charming flowers have been a symbol of love and affection. The sensual smell that is deeply imbibed in roses are best to ignite romance and passion in couples. That's why the bed of a newly-wedded couple is decorated with red roses. The rose petals are also strewn on the bed. Besides their sensual aroma, roses also carry medicinal values. Cultivated in different colours, the meaning of roses flowers. For example, a red rose is for love and affection; pink one is for grace, joy, and admiration; orange one is for passion; yellow for friendship; and white for purity and innocence.


No auspicious occasion is fulfilled without the use of marigold flowers. Whether it is pooja, wedding, or any other celebrations, these lovely blooms add life and happiness to the events. They have been the favorite blooms of the god and have been mentioned in old scriptures. Marigold flowers are named after the god of wisdom – Tages and hence they are regarded important in all celebrations. During Dipawali and Dusshera, Hindus use marigold flowers and mango leaves to make garlands for idols and to tie them on the entrance door frame. One interesting reason for using marigold in auspicious occasion is its piercing odor that drives away inspect and pests.


These delicate and lovely flowers have a significant role in Hindu culture. They are believed to hold principles of Lord Ganesha and their petals are considered as the tongue of Goddess Kali. Besides demonstrating wisdom, they are widely used for medicinal and cooking purposes. They are also offered to friends and kept in vases at homes to attract positive energy and good vibes. They are found in abundance of varieties from sizes to colors and usually thrive in a tropical region. Based on their colors, they symbolize purity, beauty, happiness, friendship, knowledge, and love.

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