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Carnations And Their Importance On Mother's Day

The tradition of celebrating Mother's Day is relatively new as it was started in the early 1900s. The flowers used for observing the day were carnations. Till date, these gorgeous flowers are popular throughout the world. Know the importance of Carnations On Mother's Day.

Birth of Carnations

Carnations have a deep association with the Greeks, Romans, and Christians. The Greeks used them in ceremonial crowns. The word “carnation” which is a derivation of the word “corone,” i.e. flower garlands, testifies this fact. Some also associate the name “carnation” with “incarnacyon,” which means incarnation. The Christian legend says that carnations originated through mother Mary's tears that fell on the ground after seeing Jesus tortured by the Jews. That's why carnations are considered holy flowers.

Importance of Carnations on Mother's Day

Anna Jarvis started the tradition of honoring mothers for their love and sacrifices they do for their family. She sent 500 carnations to mothers who were all members of the local church. She also invented a unique style of celebration by wearing pink carnation in honor of her mother. Even today, the practice of pinning pink carnations to clothes is followed in honor of mothers who are alive, and white carnations for mothers who have passed away. Sending or gifting carnation flowers to moms on Mother's Day is also a tradition. Presenting a bouquet of pink carnations to your mom is a good way of pampering her. White flowers are also ordered to place on mom's grave.

Year-Round Availability, And Affordable Price

Besides beauty, and deep ancient history, what makes carnations popular as Mother's Day flower are their easy availability and affordable price. Carnations are cultivated around the world and are available throughout the year. So you don't have to press hard for carnations. Other than easy availability, price also contributes to the popularity of carnations. They are cheap, beautiful, and long-lasting. Carnation can stay up to two weeks with a little care. So when you want to show love for your mother through flowers that can stay long than other blossoms, choose carnations.

What Carnations Symbolize

Carnations are the perennial flowers that are gorgeous, fragrant, charming, long-lasting, and cheap. They symbolize love, admiration, and gratitude. They are the emblem of mother's undying love. You can wear pink or red carnations if your mother is alive, and white carnations if she has taken a heavenly journey.

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