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Most Popular Wedding Flower Arrangements and Trends of 2018

Wedding Flower Arrangements

We all have a notion that tasty food is the only thing that makes a wedding memorable. Under this garb, we often tend to overlook another important aspect of making the Big Day unforgettable, i.e. wedding decoration. No doubt, guests will relish and remember delicious food, they will also talk about the wedding decoration. If you want your special day to be remembered for years, look at these popular wedding flower arrangements and trend of 2018.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are usually used in the backyard or in the porches. They definitely make the home surrounding pleasant. But do you know that they are also been used in wedding decorations recently. Of course, with a different touch than the usual you have at home. With potted plants, you can use any look. If you want a rustic ambiance, then use a wide, shallow wooden plank as the pot. Fill it with soil, and insert flower plants to fill it. Add green foliage for a natural look. Place a couple of potted plants in a cluster at strategic location at the venue.

Hanging Garden

While it is not possible to wed in a hanging garden, why not have one at your wedding venue. Yes! It's possible by dangling several strings of flowers from the ceilings. You can also use green leaves in equal distance between the flowers. Additional strings of flowers can also be tied to the ceiling in shapes of a half-moon. This type of decoration can turn the wedding venue into a wonderland.

Floral Welcome Drink

We normally welcome our guests at home and wedding with a glass of cold drink. This trend is fading now, especially at weddings and is replaced by a drink garnished with flowers. A floral welcome drink will energize and make your guests fresh. Check with an online florist in Pune for edible flowers that you can use for creating floral drinks.

Floral Chandelier

A huge floral chandelier at the center can serve as an attractive focal point. You can either hang it on the top where you would be taking the wedding vows, or just above the dining table. Taking the vow or enjoying food under a gorgeous chandelier can make your guest awe-struck. The floral chandelier can be made in any size to fit the space.

Minimal Floral Arrangements

Floral table centerpieces are trending since they create a focal point and catch attentions. While there is no limit in the use of flowers to create table centerpieces, minimal arrangements are the trend these days. A simple arrangement will give the table a decent look and be soft to your pocket. Just a few tall glass vases with two long-stemmed flowers on the table can create a positive vibe.

If you need flowers for DIY, or ready-made flower arrangements for your wedding, the best place to find them is at Blooms Only, Pune. This online florist works with a creative team of florist and sources fresh flowers directly from growers for customers.