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5 Flowers and Bouquet Trends for Mother's Day 2018

Mother's Day Flowers And Gifts 

Though the world celebrates Mother's Day on different dates, in India, it will be observed on Sunday, 13 May 2018. This day is marked in honor and respect of our mothers. It was started by the Greeks and Romans, but soon spread across the world due to its nobility. What started as a traditional celebration has taken a modern twist today. But flowers are still a part of the celebration. If your mother means everything to you, consider these 5 flowers and bouquet trends that will be a fitting tribute to your mum on Mother's Day 2018.

Pick Seasonal Flowers

Summer flowers in India are found in varieties. They not only make the garden colourful and vibrant, but are also perfect to use in bouquets and other types of floral arrangements. Marigold, lotus, roses, hibiscus, sunflowers, lilies, pansies, zinnia, and petunias are some blossoms found in March. Order any of these flowers online in a bouquet form, or create one yourself giving a personal touch to a Mother's Day bouquet. These flowers are easy to pick from floral farms and can be used to create unique  Mother's Day flower arrangements as well.

Natural Flower Arrangements

Seasonal flowers when picked fresh from floral farms and arranged randomly with a tinge of green foliage can create a natural flower arrangement. Don't bother about achieving symmetry in arrangements. Just hold long-stemmed flowers the way you feel and tie them up. After all, affection for mum can be displayed in any form, and not just by being creative.

Garden Roses


Mothers' love for garden roses is universal and eternal. Mums love them not just because of their looks, but also smell. Garden roses have sweet fragrance that can evoke emotion easily. Just confirm what's your mum's favorite fragrance is, and gift her a bouquet of the same flowers. When she receives what she loves, happiness will flow through her eyes. In case her liking is not in sync with the season, find an online florist that can source fragrant flowers from abroad.

Combine Natural And Modern Look

Flowers with different tones and texture are best to mix if you want to make an arrangement that is natural and modern. Use any flowers but with the same shades and tones. If some flowers are in light colour, the others must be in dark colour of the same shade. There are many flowers that bloom in light and dark colour such as lilac, clematis, and anemones. But don't forget to add dark-green foliage in the flower arrangement.

Go Pink

Pink colour is popular for Mother's Day. Gift a bouquet in pink, or design a floral arrangement for a glass vase with pink carnations and lilies along with assorted greenery. The pink coloured flowers will symbolize respect for her sentiments.

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