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What Are Traditional Mother's Day Flowers?

Mothers Day Flower Delivery

With Mother's Day beckoning at us, it's time to get ready to honour the contributions of mothers in our lives. Though mothers are selfless souls and don't expect anything in return from children, making them feel special on this day is our moral responsibility. So join us in celebrating it with these traditional Mother's Day flowers.


Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day made carnations a traditional Mother's Day flowers by gifting white carnations to her mom in 1907. After seven years, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother's Day official. Since then, carnations have been the first choice for moms.

While there are many colours in carnations, light red, white, and pink are traditionally used for Mother's Day bouquet. The light red carnations symbolize admiration; white carnations mean good luck. Pink carnations represent mother's eternal love since they are believed to be originated through the tears of Virgin Mary. They are also a regular inclusion in flower arrangements owing to their soft, silky, and delicate petals.


Roses are luxurious and fragrant flowers that have deep connection with Greek mythology. They are regarded divine for the goddess Isis, and represent Virgin Mary as well. Because their beauty, sweet smell, and luxurious appearance, they were included in the Order of the Golden Rose by Pope Leo Vill to honor morality of moms.

No matter what color roses bloom in, their beauty remains the same. Each of the multiple vibrant colors they are found in means many things. While red roses are a universal symbol for love and passion, pink roses symbolize happiness, and yellow roses mean friendship.


Tulips have been on planet earth since centuries. They first originated in Persia and Turkey. In 16th century, they were brought to Europe where they got their current name, which actually is a Latinized Persian word for turban. From Europe, they continued their journey and landed in Netherlands in the 17th century. The Dutch fell in love with these beautiful flowers so deeply that they have become the number one growers of tulips in the world. Since then, tulips have become a perpetual symbol of love and care due to being stunningly elegant, graceful, and vibrant. To appreciate mom's affection and warmth, a bouquet of pink tulips can brighten up her day.

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