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Funeral Flowers And Their Symbolic Meaning

Funeral Flowers 

The rituals and customs for a funeral vary from culture to culture. But one practice that doesn't, is sending funeral or 
sympathy flowers to the mourners. Giving these flowers is a practiced universally. It's a way to celebrate the life of the departed soul and wish peace. To do so in a right way, it's necessary to choose the right flowers, or else you may end offending the mourners and insulting the deceased. So before sending funeral flowers, know their symbolic meaning and being embarrassed.


Lilies are beautiful flowers that bloom in a variety of colours. As such, selecting the right colours is important for offering sympathy. Usually, white lilies are preferred flowers for funeral services. Their beauty and innocence works as a metaphor for the deceased soul achieving the state of innocence since they are symbolic to purity, and innocence. Other options in lilies are Stargazer and Oriental. If you offer Stargazer lilies, it will mean sympathy for the mourners, whereas Oriental lilies will signify eternal life for the departed.


Carnations are long-lasting and fragrant flowers mostly used in preparing funeral wreathes and standing sprays due to being affordable, and varieties in colour. But not all carnation colours are meant for funeral. Red carnations, like roses, symbolize affection for the departed; white carnations signify innocence and untainted love; pink carnations are generally used by Catholic community since they believe them to be a creation of Virgin Mary.


These fluffy, attractive flowers can easily grab attention of beholders with their beauty and bright colours. They are usually used for funeral flower arrangements. Being a popular funeral flower the worldwide, they bear different meanings from countries to countries. For example, a majority of European countries use them for funerals, or as an offering at grave sites. In China, Japan, and Korea, mums are symbolic for grief and great sorrow. For the US, they represent truth, positivity, and cheerfulness.


What makes gladioli popular as funeral flower is the freedom to pick them in any colour. They are acceptable for sympathizing and funeral services in red, white, orange, green, pink, yellow, and salmon. All of these colours of gladioli represent strength, character, and integrity. Since they have a long stem and grow up to 4 feet tall, they are also called 'Sword Lily.'


As most loved and easily noticeable flowers, roses can also be ideal for expressing grief and sorrow besides representing love and passion. If you send red roses, it will mean respect and love for the deceased and courage for the grievers. White roses symbolize innocence, reverence, and humility. Dark crimson red roses represent grief and sorrow. Yellow roses for honouring deep friendship with the deceased.

These are the 5 most popular funeral or sympathy flowers you can send to funeral homes or to the mourners. If you are looking to sympathize with someone who has lost their loved ones, Blooms Only can help you express grief for their loss by delivering flowers to any address in Pune city.