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Flowers That Make Navratri Season Auspicious

Navratri Festival

India is known for its rich cultural heritage and off course its festivals of diverse religions. Navratri is a festival that is celebrated in various states of India in distinguished ways. It is a festival of devotion and merriment. This festival is celebrated by offering prayers to Goddess Durga who is the divine feminine deity of India. Other goddesses like Lakshmi and Parvati are also worshipped on these days.

Many people keep bhajans and kathas on these nine days. The garba dance form of Gujarat and Rajasthan at night is one of the popular. Today, there are myriad groups who organise group garba-dandiya dance forms. We can see zeal and enthusiasm of the people through this festival. When we say about festivals, flowers are primary necessity.

Navratri is considered as the festival of colours and there is one specific representing each day of the festival. This festival is important to farmers as well as it falls after Autumn harvest. Flowers are needed for puja rituals, decorations and to wish your loved ones. Although there has been change in the celebration of festival over the years, the demand for flowers has never faded. You need to buy flowers properly with right freshness and proper prices.

If you needed flowers earlier, you would search for wholesale market nearby and then buy the flowers according its specific timings and days. Even though you brought the flowers from a local florist, the rates would be high due to festive season and there would no guarantee of freshness. However, now you don’t have to worry as many flower delivery services have come up for your convenience. These services are a wholesome package of flower services. They have understood what their clients need and they are providing it accordingly to them.

Instead of searching the market in this festive season among the crowd, you can order flowers comfortably seating at home online. Internet has become a mediator between these services and their customers. People can save their money and efforts by ordering online. The best thing you get cheaper online compared to retail shops and you can avail of various offers and discounts during festive season. Althoughbuying flowers online was not that popular earlier, now the trend has been changed. Most of the florists take care to maintain their quality and shelf life which has prompted people to buy online.

Various Flowers That Make Navratri Auspicious

There are various flowers that make Navratri auspicious. Marigold is considered as one of the significant flower in puja rituals. It is also used on the garland with mango leaves. Lotus is favorite flower of Goddess Lakshmi and even shevanti is offered to them. Aster is of prime importance and is distributed among ladies.

It is believed that nine days of this festival are dedicated to specific goddesses and they like distinguished flowers as offerings. The special flowers include jui, jasmine, mogra and durva leaves among others. On the day of Dussehra, aapta plant leaves are given in the form of gold. It is believed that Lord Ram had kept his weapons on this tree while his years in exile. Although there are auspicious flowers from Navratri, there is no limit for decoration and you can use myriad variety of flowers for it.

Nowadays, you have plethora of alternatives for florists. However, you need to choose your flower delivery services properly. You need to do a thorough background check of the florist in terms of his profile, work and sincerity among others. Don’t get lured by offers and discounts and choose the one who offers you wholesome package of fresh flowers.