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How to Make Your Wedding Special With Flowers - Pune Florist Blogs

All over the world and in every wedding celebration, flowers form an integral part of the event. Flowers are definitely a great way to decorate your wedding venue, and you can really beautify any object with flowers. A floral centrepiece can be a lovely focal point during a wedding and also the entire house, or the venue needs to look special for the event. From designing intricate garlands to some of the best ideas to send wedding bouquet Pune, you can always take guidance from the best online florists. So to create the right ambience for this special occasion,

Here are a few special floral wedding decoration ideas that will surely make things more colourful.

#Tips 1

wedding garden decoration

If you have a venue with a garden that has trees, it provides a great chance to create a special ambience with flowers. While the florists can suggest flower set for the wedding in line with their experience, you can tell us some of your own ideas to create a greater effect. For example, you can wrap the tree branches and trunks with colourful flowers like marigolds to make the entire area look bright. Strings of flowers can also be laid along the pathways in the garden and along the stairs to bring in a special look.

#Tips 2

flower fountain


Setting up a floral fountain in the venue will definitely add to the overall grandeur of the arrangement. An artificial fountain with a pool can always be arranged with floral wedding arrangements in Pune, and you can take the help of the experienced florists to help you out. A combination of white flowers like hydrangeas or carnations, along with some greenery can add to the beauty of the cascading waters. This arrangement can also be embellished with some light to make it look great during the night hours.

#Tips 3


Lining the pathways and aisles with the right kind of flowers or flowering plants can change the look of your wedding venue. The aisle can be lined with topiaries or blooming plants to bring a wonderful ambience to the wedding setting. The choice of colours for the flowers can range from white to bright red and depending on the other colours you are using; you can play with the combinations.

#Tips 4

wedding table


Setting up the table is a very important part and choosing the right flowers and designs for that can lead to some of the best wedding floral arrangements in Pune. The combination of flowers chosen for the vases can be special, and you can try some uncommon floral combinations to bring in the right visual effect. Also you can add some fruits like grapes to add a unique touch. A small bunch of grapes placed on the vases will provide a perfect touch of beauty without taking the notice away from the flowers. To create a woodland themed setting, you can add some moss to the table-top, along with some dark-toned Make sure that you use the right designs of cutlery to make the overall arrangement more eye-catching.

#Tips 5

wedding stage decoration with flowers

Another great way to enhance the wedding stage decoration with flowers is by placing lampshades enhanced by a floral touch in the table. A tall vase with a lampshade crafted out of moss can be a great touch to the overall décor. The vases can also be filled with flowers like roses, tulips or dahlias. Also, you can introduce chandeliers to set up the entire venue in an impressive way. These chandeliers can be decorated with fresh flowers or wreaths of red or yellow shades to create a striking appearance. Otherwise, you can complete the touch by placing candles in glass holders over the tables making the venue will look fantastic.

#Tips 6


If you are planning for an outdoor setting one unique way of decorating it will be to hang some inverted gardens from the roof. This will lend a unique touch of beauty in the venue and can look stunning in its beauty. This way, you will also be able to save some floor space, and you can suspend this arrangement over any spot of the venue as per your liking. Another good option is to so hang flowers like lilies and orchids from the roof to make a visual impact.