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7 Fabulous Flower Arranging Hacks from an Expert

One of the talented freelance florists,whose creativity in styling flowers has given new dimensions to the floral business is, Carla Pavincich. Many famous establishments in Australia have transformed their space into stunning areas with her art and skill of styling flowers. Recently, she has collaborated with her florist friend and started a company by the name 'The Ivy League.' This means she is totally dedicated for helping clients to grace any events.

Before getting into floristry, Carla was in public relations. She says, “I realized that I am not meant for a desk job, and was desperate to do something flexible and creative.” I am impressed by the way floristry impacts people positively, and love the buzz and energy of the industry. She usually frequents the Sydney Flower Market, which is Australia's largest flower market famous for quality fresh-cut flowers. Her inspiration for styling flowers comes from her team members.

Here is the 7 fabulous flower arranging hacks from the expert in styling flowers.

Size matters

The first thing in flower arrangement is to figure out a perfect vase. The vase with a big opening at the top requires more flowers and foliage to fill it. Decide what look you prefer. You need to be sure whether you want a full or sparse look. Delicate flowers like tulips with long-stemmed roses for a sparse look in an open-mouthed vase is the best bet.But a full vase always looks good.

Working from the base up

Basing is a jargon used in floral industry.This means starting from the base of the vase, and filling it with big green leaves is a good way of forming shape and texture. The best ingredients are the traditional hardy foliage, natives leaves with texture, or dark-green tropical leaves. Once the base is set, you can add flowers.

Mixing colours with similar or contrasting tones

We all have our favorite flowers, but very few, or none know how to combine them with multiple types and colours. The bestway to create a striking contrast is by mixing colour of the same hue such asred, pink, and orange, or by combining colours of the same line such as deep burgundy and a soft blush.

Using height, colour, and texture forcreating impact

Grouping multiple flowers in the arrangement is one way to create an impact if you prefer a splash of bold colour. For a contemporary look, use different flowers bearing interesting textures. Pairing big and large head flowers like roses or dahlias with linear shape or form found in delphinium flowers, or the multi-headed lisianthus is best for obtaining texture and shape in the flower arrangement. Doing so will also keep the flower arrangement from being deformed. Place flowers at different heights in the grouping to add dimension.

Using big blooms for creating feminine looks

Go for unstructured and wild flower arrangement with pretty colours to create a soft and feminine look. Thread in the biggest bloom at the based-up vase. To add dimension, arrange other flowersat different length so that the flower arrangement looks unstructured. Then place the next biggest bloom in a different shape. Get professional by adding a third floral as a filler with multiple clusters on a single stem such as the wax flower or tea tree.

En Mass

The 'en masse' trend has caught upfervently with florists in which you can use one flower of the same type or foliage and overfill the vase. It's that simple.


Experiment with texture, shapes, and colours mixing soft flowers with natives and grouping in big tropical leaf or palm husk. These days, varieties in flowers are easily available. There are some amazing flowers that are available throughout the year. So playing with flowers for creating unique flower arrangements is not difficult.


Blooms Only has been following Carla'shandy works since long. This has helped this online florist in Pune to refinetheir skills and explore creativity like never before. They have the creativity and flexibility for styling flowers with unique flowers. Whether you need floral display to decorate home, office, or any personal and corporate even,they can be trusted blindly.