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5 Wedding Gift Ideas For Newly-Wed Couple

A wedding is the beginning of a new life for the couple. To wish the couple on their new voyage, people give gifts. The most common gifts presented in such an event are wedding flowers. The floral gifts, be they in any arrangements, serves as a sign of good luck, and prepare the couple to embark on the new journey of life on a happier note. If someone from your relatives or friends is about to tie the nuptial knot, and you are wondering what to gift to buy, these 5 wedding gift ideas for the newly-wed couple will help.


Rose Bouquet and Ferrero Rocher

It's a tradition in India to start a new beginning with sweet. And when it's wedding where the couple is starting fresh, giving them something sweet makes sense. A box of best-quality chocolate like the Ferrero Rocher will be best in this regard. The chocolate gift will be a sweet gesture, and a sincere and genuine wish for sweetness in the couple's life. If you want to make it more thought-provoking, then add a bouquet of red roses. The combination of roses and chocolates will be a special and sweet gift for the newly-wed couple. The roses will add romance and the chocolate sweetness to the couple's life. You can buy such a unique gift with an online florist in Pune

Floral Peace-Sign Wreath


When there is peace in life, love and understanding blooms. It also keeps the couple in good health. If you want to wish a peaceful life for the newly-wed couple, this floral peace-sign wreath is the perfect gift. It is hand-crafted, and looks fashionable, and exciting. It will surely add some cheers to the couple's life, and infuse positive vibes in the home. You can use roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, poppies,yellow tulips and lavender to make a visually appealing wreath. To get such varieties of flowers, buy flowers online in Pune.

Red Roses with a Vase

Red Roses are the eternal and universal symbol of passion, romance, and love. They are the best expression of love for our near and dear ones. Gift these lovely blooms with long-stemmed. See that you make a bunch of 12 roses and tie them with a soft, pink ribbon to make a bouquet. In case you don't want the newly-wed to search for, or buy a vase for the roses, better gift it with a glass vase.

A Heart-Shaped Wedding Flower Bouquet

Let the newly-wed start their journey with plenty of love and romance with this beautiful heart-shaped wedding flower bouquet. The red and white roses in the bouquet will symbolize both love and peace for the couple. You can even make the bouquet with pink flowers and add some baby's breath as well.

Fresh Floral Letters

This unique gift will be cherished by the newly-wed for long. You can give floral letters in full name of the couple or just the initials. Pick multiple flowers of your choice to decide the height of the letters. You can use cardboard letters to stick or paste the flowers.

To make any of these gifts yourself, contact Blooms Only for flower delivery in Pune. This online florist has sources for exotic range of wedding flowers. In case, you don't have time to make a floral gift, browse, select, and buy ready-made flower gifts for the newly-wed online on their website.