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Top 10 creative ideas for corporate stage decoration with flowers

Corporate stage decoration for an event or awards ceremonies is the soul of hosting a successful and engaging function or a trade show. It beautifies the surroundings with the positive aura of fresh fragrance and eye-pleasing floret arrangement. As there are different types of corporate events which require different decor, we will have a look at all of them.

corporate flower

In this piece, we will have a look at the top trending 10 fresh flowers event decoration ideas which you can definitely give it a try for your event. So, let's get started with amazing stage decoration ideas.

corporate flower

Minimalistic decor for corporate events:

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant clean stage decoration, go for a minimalistic style decor. You can use florals like orchids, carnation, and lilies to give it a subtle and professional look. Depending on the theme, you can also use a single colour drape for background decoration.

corporate flower

Decorate the stage with a criss-cross arrangement of florals. It will give a clean and attractive look to your corporate stage. At the stage entrance, go for large floral decorative plants to give a lush touch to the entire decor.

corporate flower

Fresh floral vase decor:

Another idea for business events decor simple and attractive flower vase decor. At the event, if you are having a seating arrangement for the guest, it is a very good idea to keep a small fresh floral arrangement or a small plant to make give a touch of nature to the entire decor. To complement this simple and fresh idea, decorate the stage background with bunches of fresh flowers. Small bunches of fresh blossoms look pretty cool at any corporate stage decor.

Decorate the boundary of the stage:

To glam up launch events or your most anticipating product launches, having a decent floral stage decor always works. You can also your designer to keep the entire stage setup clean and decorate the stage boundary with fresh vibrant colour flowers of 2-3 colours.

corporate flowers

You can go for a classic colour combination of red and white roses or carnation for the decor. This stage set up looks super clean, precise and appealing to eyes.

For board meetings:

The board meeting decor should be precise, clean and minimalistic in presentation and don't go for multiple colour florals for this type of decor. Choose only one colour for the board meeting. You can go for a bunch of fresh red roses nicely arranged on the meeting table in a glass bowl or vessel.

flower for board meetings

Colourful floral decor for a corporate event:

If the stage is having an ample amount of space to move around go for a beautiful centre floral masterpiece. Create a big size floral arrangement for the centre of the stage. Go for multiple colour blossoms for the decor nicely arranged in a sophisticated way. You can also mix up some artificial florals in this arrangement.

corporate flower

Hanging floral stage decoration:

Another flower decoration for the stage is the hanging flower stage decoration for corporate events. We can say that this design is inspired by a wedding decoration but it's not the same. Unlike the wedding decoration which is dense and flashy, the corporate event hanging floral stage decoration should feel spacious and minimalistic in the overall theme. You can definitely give this design a try for product launch, golf tournament event or for any annual corporate meet event.

corporate flowers

Floral Ceiling stage decor:

Fresh blossom garland decor from the ceiling is also a good option for amazing stage decoration. It is a simplistic design which goes well with almost all the events. Go for a single colour floral decoration for this style. If the stage background is just a plain wall, then you should definitely go for such design to add little design to it. But if you are going to have some kind of banner at the background, you can go for the hanging floral decoration idea.

corporate flowers

Background border decor:

Just like stage background decor, you can also for background border decoration with fresh and lush arrangements. It looks absolutely stunning and is perfect for your any event. It will compliment your brand name banner without being looking too dense or bulky decor. Ask your florist designer to mix up a couple of different colour blossoms for the background decor.

Corporate Flowers

Curtains, drapes and garlands:

For corporate events like annual get together, we can go for some fancy style decoration using shiny drapes, curtains and fresh florals. This is a perfect option  for casual decor with a professional touch. You can also your stage decorator to suggest trending colour themes for the stage. And if your company is having a colour theme in the brand identity, take the inspiration from there. This is an amazing idea to go for in 2019.

corporate event

The white and green combo is just perfect:

Lastly, if you are looking for something evergreen design which can match up with any event theme, the combination of white florals with lush green decoration is the perfect choice for your event. Decorate the stage entrance with this combination and background with white blossoms.

corporate stage decor

So. which one of your favourite corporate stage decoration? Go for any of these styles to make the corporate event a memorable and unique one. Contact your nearest florist and ask for exotic seasonal florals to get started.