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Top 5 Popular Winter Flowers and Their Meanings

Winter Flowers

Winter brings magic and love with it as this is the most awaited season of the year. The nature rebirth in the winter and welcomes the colourful ambience in everyone’s life. It is not only about the people, flowers also bloom perfectly into the beautiful one to welcome the winter. Here, we discuss 5 beautiful winter flowers who have stolen the hearts of many.

1. Hardenbergia or Happy Wanderer

It belongs to the genus of leguminous vines that is native to Australia. It was named after an English botanist, George Bentham in 1837. The flower is also denoted by the name of Purple Coral pea, Native lilac, Lilac Vine or Waraburra Vine Lilac. If we talk about its meaning, it truly represents the spirit of winter.

2. Bergenia or Winter Glow

Named after the resemblance of elephant’s ears or elephant-eared saxifrage, this flower belongs to the genus of 10 species of family Saxifragaceae. It is found as a native of the Himalayan region and central Asia ranges from China to Afghanistan. The Winter Glow grows under the shed or trees in shady locations. If you see them in sunny areas, nothing is more beautiful that these flowers. You can order flowers online from Blooms Only at affordable rates.

3. Luculia

The beautiful flower belongs to the family of Rubiaceae. He was Robert Sweet who introduced this flower in 1826 as it is native of the Himalayas and Southern China. It is available in small trees, shrubs form or forest margins. The leaves are very wide having veins in pair and this flower is very hard to grow. In case it grows, it looks like a shrub with generous trusses of rosy pink flowers. These flowers are very beautiful in appearance and have a sweet fragrance. The term ‘Lucilia’ actually comes from the Nepalese ‘luculi swa’ and in Latin the word Gratissima resembles it. The real meaning of this word is very pleasant or agreeable. Get these flowers delivery online by ordering at our website.

4. Lavender

A well known flower, Lavender is also termed as Lavandula. In general, it belongs to the mint family named as Lamiaceae. There are 36 species of this flower and belongs to the native of Cape Verde, Southern Europe, Eastern and Northern Africa, the Canary Island, Southwest Asia and Southeast India. Being used as ornamental plants for the garden, it is also bought for the exchanging the Jai Malas in Indian weddings. The extracted oil is also meant as an essential oil. Love and devotion are indicated by these flowers. Feel the silence of purity with them and smell the sweet fragrance. Send flowers online to your loved one in a very easy way. Just contact Blooms Only and they will work for you.

5. Lily of The Valley

Also regarded as Convallaria majalis, Lily of the Valley is available as sweetly scented flowers belong to the family of Convallaria. Being the native of Europe and Northern Hemisphere in Asia, the plant is found in the shady areas or under the trees.

Get ready to cheer up your winter and enjoy the season of love.