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A Guide for Wedding Flowers by Season in India - Fact and Myths

Wedding Flowers

At the moment, most of the couples are planning for their wedding day by their own. On their way of making a memorable wedding day, the biggest challenge they can face is ordering the wedding flowers. It becomes easy if you have an appropriate knowledge of the wedding flower arrangements. Lots of confusions surround in the mind while choosing the best flowers that suit the decoration and create a majestic environment. Without any assistance, the couples depend on the tips available in the magazine and blog.

There are various facts and myths related to this topic when cleared help the couples to make their special day even more astonishing.

Myth 1: Making the Choice of Flowers That Are in The Current Season

The fact is flower arrangements for weddings depend on the flowers of the season. In the market, there are numbers of flowers like roses, orchids and daisies that are especially used for the decoration purpose. You have to trust your florist and can share different types of ideas with them for making an aesthetic appearance.

Myth 2: The Centrepieces Should be Same Always


Gone are the days when it was necessary to have similar things in the wedding. Now days, couples are choosing the arrangements that complement each other yet different. This comes with the term of table linen, décor or centerpieces. It is not at all necessary the flowers of the centerpiece also look similar to the one used for the decoration purpose.

Myth 3: The Cost of Silk Flowers is Less Than the Real Flowers

You will be agreeing with us that the aura created with the real flowers cannot be compared with anything else. Right now, the realistic looking flowers are available in the market which cost equivalent to the real flowers. If someone is looking for the cheap wedding flowers, then Blooms only is the place where you can find them in different varieties. The flowers that deliver are fresh and having awesome fragrance.

Myth 4: Flowers Can Become the Economical Centrepieces Ideas

The internet is full of the information and ideas so take its help and decide what goes well with the table. Regardless of using flower, one can also use candle in between as these are one of the reasonable products to be used. This is just a one idea, likewise there are many.

Myth 5: Buying The Flowers by Local Florist Proved to Be Cost Effective

This is one of the other myths that we hear now and then. But, this is not really true. Blooms Only is a recognised destination where you can opt for wedding flower delivery. We always choose the freshest flowers that look best and enhance the aura of the wedding day.

Now you all have understood that there are various myths related with the wedding flowers. All are not at all true. Contact us and get the best quality delivery of flowers for your wedding day. No one will give you the assurance of giving quality wedding flower bouquets.